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Because we are all humans, I do believe there is some kind of elusive truth, a special way to say things that transcend subjectivity, that resonate with that "human condition". I don't believe that anyone has or ever will touch that truth, at best some came close to it. I'm not convinced I did, but I certainly tried. It is, after all, a tricky quest. There are some easy ways to attempt it though, which I didn't shy away from. Some founding myths, as inherently cultural as they are, such as the story of Prometheus or the fall of Eden, might be a straightforward approach to that human condition and the nature of civilization. Sure, let's get there. What about the general sense of loneliness that comes from being surrounded by many, all striving for something, feeling like no one hears what you want to say, which might be close to nothing? Let's get there. Everyone is last in the race. Cool. There are trees and stuff. Nice. A robot is trying to express something. There are vague fragments of ideas. Ah! There you are. OK then, see you later. 

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