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At El Sur, we offer visiting artists a living and working space in an international setting. Each group consists of five artists-in-residence, who will receive continuous assistance and support from our experienced staff. We foster a collaborative atmosphere that encourages the exchange of ideas through various activities. Moreover, residents are welcome to showcase their work in a solo exhibition. Many have established professional collaborations and networks during their stay. A residency at El Sur can be a source of inspiration, productivity, and a significant enhancement to our residents' artistic practice.

Our program, created by artists for artists, includes: 


The day following the arrival date, we host a welcome breakfast, succeeded by an introductory meeting. During this meeting, we cover the Residents Manual, the Activities Calendar, and conduct a question and answer session. Following the group meeting, each resident is allocated one-on-one time with our coordinator to discuss their projects and individual requirements.


Every week, we organize excursions to explore some of our cherished locations within the southern part of the City. Different members of our team will host these outings so they can experience the city through different eyes. The tours include: pick up and drop off to the residency and entrance tickets. Some of our favorite destinations are: 


Tlacuilo: The private library of artist Pedro Reyes. Residents will have time to consult the books and borrow them for research for their projects.

Las Trajineras. We get together with the Casa Lü residents for a fun two hours boat ride in the beautiful canals of Xochimilco. We bring drinks, snacks, and our speaker and microphone always end up being used for singing along in a fun karaoke session.


The museums showcasing the unique homes, art and studios of artists' Rivera & Kahlo: "Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo", "Frida Kahlo Museum" and "Anahuacalli Museum".


Espacio Escultórico: sculpture park at the UNAM University. 


Torre de los Vientos from Uruguayan artist Gonzalo Fonseca. Unlike the other sculptures that make up the "Ruta de la amistad", this is an  habitable sculpture and we take our residents to see the unique inside. 


Pyramid of Cuicuilco. The circular ruin is at the heart of what’s believed to be the oldest city in the Valley of Mexico and was built by a civilization that to this day remains a mystery.


The outings may encompass other museums, galleries, and artists' studios and they may vary depending on the availability of the visiting places, but we can assure that our residents will have an amazing time no matter which outings they experience. 


Once a week, residents meet with different members of our team; our coordinator, concept development guide and exhibition coordinator, who will guide them, technically and conceptually, for the successful realization of their projects. Additionally, we invite a special guest for a studio visit to provide feedback and input. These sessions serve as platforms to discuss their artistic endeavors and prepare for the upcoming solo exhibition.




At the culmination of our program, we organize a solo show for each one of our residents, our objective is to promote a deeper engagement and exchange between the resident artists and the local community. 




We accommodate five residents at a time: four in the main house and one in La Casita. Both houses feature art studios, fully equipped kitchens, dining rooms, TV rooms, laundry facilities, and all bedrooms are equipped with ensuite bathrooms. Linens and towels are provided.

  • La Casita is a private house that can accommodate up to 4 people. The bedroom features a king-size bed, and the living room is equipped with a sofa bed. Artist duos, collectives, companions, and family members are welcome to stay for the entire duration of the program at no extra cost. 

La Casita photos

  • Accommodation  A  is the largest bedroom in the house (30m2), featuring a King-size bed, a sofa bed, and a TV. The private studio and exhibition space (24m2) are connected via a private path and include their own functional fireplace. Artist duos or companions may stay for up to 7 nights free of charge, or for the entire program duration at an additional cost of 300 USD.

Room and studio A photos

  • Accommodation B is one of our two medium-sized bedrooms (23m2), featuring a full-size bed and a private bathroom with a bathtub. The private studio and exhibition space (22m2) boast the largest windows and offer one of the most picturesque views of the garden.

Room and studio B photos


  • Accommodation C is the other medium-sized bedroom (23m2) furnished with a full-size bed and a private bathroom. The private studio and exhibition space (30m2) boast its own operational fireplace.

Room and studio C photos

  • Accommodation D is the smallest bedroom in the house (19m2), featuring a full-size bed and a private bathroom. The private studio and exhibition space (15m2) has the most blank walls.

Room and studio D photos

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