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We are a creative community that works in harmony to inspire artistic and personal growth through art. 


We are an artist-run residency program located in the southern part of Mexico City. Our purpose is to give artists the space and time to experiment with new ideas and work, without interruptionin, in a creative and engaging environment. We actively cultivate a global dialogue among artists by arranging weekly meetings and thoroughly chosen excursions to our favorite spots in the City. We also provide a curated list of museums, galleries, restaurants and local attractions, and keep residents informed about exhibition openings and other events. Given that the majority of our residents are international, our residency program is conducted entirely in English and all artists in residence must master the English language.


El Sur, nestled amidst lush gardens, is the best possible setting for concentrated artistic growth. This program is ideal for artists seeking to immerse themselves in their creative practice while maintaining proximity to Mexico City's vibrant art scene.

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