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The participants live and work in El Sur. The aim of our program is for residents to focus on the production of their work while sharing and creating a dialogue with emerging artists from all over the world. We also encourage residents to visit Mexico City's dynamic art scene. We provide a list of recommendations for museums, galleries, other local attractions and we keep residents in the loop for exhibition openings and other events. 

We have two different programs, one lasts for five weeks and the other one for three. Both have fixed start and end dates and residents are expected to participate during the whole length of the program. Both programs have weekly meetings for work critiques, discussions and other activities. Residents who stay for five weeks are invited to present their work in a solo show at the end of their stay.



We host five residents at a time, four in the main house and one in La Casita. Both houses have art studios, an equipped kitchen, dining room, TV room, laundry room and all bedrooms have an ensuite bathroom. Linens and towels are provided. ​ 

La Casita - is a private house where up to 4 people can stay. The bedroom has a king size bed and the living room has a sofa bed. Artist duos or collectives, companions and family members may stay for the entire duration of the program with no extra cost.

House photos

Accommodation  A - is the biggest bedroom in the house (30m2), it has a King size bed, a sofa bed and a TV. The private studio and exhibition space (24m2) is connected through a private path and has its own working fireplace. Artist duos or companions may stay up to 7 nights for free or for  the entire duration of the program for an extra cost of 300 usd.

Room and studio photos

Accommodation B  - is one of our two medium bedrooms (23m2) it has a full size bed and private bathroom with a bathtub. The private studio and exhibition space (22m2) has the biggest windows and one of the most beautiful views of the garden.

Room and studio photos

Accommodation C  - is the other  medium bedroom (23m2) with a full size bed and private bathroom. The private studio and exhibition space (30m2) has its own working fireplace.

Room and studio photos

Accommodation D - is the smallest bedroom in the house (19m2) with a full size bed and private bathroom. The private studio and exhibition space (15m2) is the one with the most blank walls.

Room and studio photos


The day after the arrival date, we typically have a welcome lunch followed by an introduction meeting where we go through the Residents Manual, activities calendar, house rules and a questions and answers session. After the group meeting, each resident has a one on one time with our staff to discuss their projects and needs in order to get settled. 

Every week we take residents on an outing to show them some of our favorite spots in the southern part of theCity. They may include galleries, museums, parks and artists studios. Once a week our residents also gather with our curator in order to have group or individual meetings to talk about their work and prepare for their solo show.

We open our doors at the end of each program so that the interested public can come and meet our residents and their work. For the three weeks program we host an Open Studio where each resident gives a presentation of their work followed by a feedback session from guests and members of Mexico City's art scene, the aim of this is to generate a dialogue and constructive criticism around the creative process and ideas of the resident’s projects. For the five weeks program we host our resident’s solo exhibitions openings, this is an opportunity for deepening and sharing between the artists in residence and the local community.

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