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"My time as a resident at El Sur was transformative. I wanted a mix of quiet studio time and inspirational adventures that only Mexico City can offer– I was not disappointed! There was ample time to work on art and also attend group outings to museums, galleries, artist studios and cultural sites. 


The El Sur team went above and beyond to help me source supplies and hone my thinking around the work I was making. This included conversations with curators, exhibition coordinators, local artists and the other residents. 


I highly recommend this residency program to any artist curious about Mexico City and needing time to push their practice forward. I left feeling very supported, seen and energized to continue making."

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"El Sur is a quiet, gorgeous property that is fabulously conducive to creative experimentation, personal examination, and artistic productivity. It has just the right mix of distance and proximity to the city to allow for quiet productivity and vibrant exploration of all that CDMX has to offer. My weeks spent in Tlalpan were incalculably helpful for my creative practice. Fundamentally, El Sur is a relaxing yet productive space for project-based work, and I cannot recommend this program enough."

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"The residency program offered by El Sur is top-notch for personal and professional artistic growth, connections as well as an appreciation for Mexico City. The grounds and gardens are breath-taking and sure to inspire. The staff is a collection of incredibly smart, knowledgeable and experienced artists who are skilled navigators in their fields. It was tough saying goodbye."

Janine MiedzIk


"Each morning I opened my eyes and look out to a beautiful garden. Nelson the groundskeeper walked past with house dogs (Güera, Olivia and Hugo) close behind.
This calm and tranquil setting made for a relaxing coffee in the garden and morning in the studio. Maybe a walk to the market and occasionally an outing into the city center. Then back to relaxing and working in the studio. This time to work and focus was exactly what I needed and more.This  oasis in the city offered enough space for a bit of solitude and a warm inviting  kitchen to hang out in at the end of the day. This residency blends perfectly structured meetings and outings and enough time for laid back and productive studio visits with fellow residents. We didn’t want to leave!!"

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"I was very happy to participate at El Sur residency program. The neighborhood is the cutest, you feel like you are in a small village but you are actually in the city! I also liked that it’s a very local area with no tourists, it felt very authentic. It was a great experience and it really inspired me for my work."

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"I just want to share that the entire team was really incredible. The experience was incredible. Active, engaged, supportive, present. El Sur does an amazing job supporting its program and its residents!"

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"El Sur went above and beyond to make my first artist residency a huge success. The team struck the perfect balance of outings and studio time that kept us inspired without overwhelm. They curated a really unique assortment of immersive experiences of which I wouldn't have known or had access without their help. Beyond the curriculum, the entire team was so warm and welcoming. I've left not only with new insights & experiences, but life long friendships."

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"The residency at El Sur has been a great learning  experience. Not only because of the studio space, the company of affectionate doggies, the beautiful spaces in the house, but also because of the curatorial accompaniment with the curator and the feedback that is offered in the Open Studio. As a whole, the necessary support is provided for the elaboration of practically any artistic process and production. I am very grateful that there are places like El Sur where artists can go to develop ideas, to learn and to feel at home in a place as warm as Tlalpan."

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"El Sur felt like a peaceful, faraway retreat while still in the midst of a bustling, chaotic city. It was an ideal space to get away, and fully immerse myself in my production. The calming, fresh garden, and warm open spaces made me feel at ease and inspired (also, you get to cuddle with the adorable fluffy dogs in the property). All the shared spaces are amazing and promote a healthy environment for the group, but it is also easy to burrow into your own world at the equally serene private rooms and studios. The residents, open studio guests, and the staff were crucial for the development of my work. El Sur is definitely a place where I would love to return to."

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"Located in a friendly, quaint neighborhood, within close proximity to the thriving and progressive
barrios of Mexico City, El Sur, is a beautifully maintained casa that offers serene living and work
spaces. The very essence of the lavishly gardened property and the peaceful environment
fosters both contemplation and reflection; a natural setting for artistic inspiration.
The 3 week residency was a culturally influential and experimentally driven journey that widened
my creative visions. The experience continues to influence my artwork."

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"El Sur offered the best conditions to thrive creatively. I was impressed by the dedication and diversity of the team who made the program a true accelerator in my practice. They immediately made me feel at home and supported, whilst making sure I got the best experience of the city through personalized tips and thoroughly chosen excursions. I loved staying in Tlalpan’s neighborhood, quiet but authentically full of life. It was a perfect balance between having the time and space for research and practice and discovering an amazingly rich city and culture."

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