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El Sur is a quiet, gorgeous property that is fabulously conducive to creative experimentation, personal examination, and artistic productivity. It has just the right mix of distance and proximity to the city to allow for quiet productivity and vibrant exploration of all that CDMX has to offer. My weeks spent in Tlalpan were incalculably helpful for my creative practice. Fundamentally, El Sur is a relaxing yet productive space for project-based work, and I cannot recommend this program enough. 

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I was very happy to participate at El Sur residency program. The neighborhood is the cutest, you feel like you are in a small village but you are actually in the city! I also liked that it’s a very local area with no tourists, it felt very authentic. It was a great experience and it really inspired me for my work.

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Located in a friendly, quaint neighborhood, within close proximity to the thriving and progressive
barrios of Mexico City, El Sur, is a beautifully maintained casa that offers serene living and work
spaces. The very essence of the lavishly gardened property and the peaceful environment
fosters both contemplation and reflection; a natural setting for artistic inspiration.
The 3 week residency was a culturally influential and experimentally driven journey that widened
my creative visions. The experience continues to influence my artwork.

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The house is so confortable I could really relax and focus fully on my production. I really enjoyed my time at El Sur