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X-rays, images that, between the shadow, the light, and their transparency show us almost the deepest part of our physical body. I'm used to looking at them, I can't remember when was the first time my skin touched the cold devices in which you have to accommodate to be photographed to the bone. 


"Don't move, don't breathe."


“Curvature in the spine is dangerous”


“Here we see the malformation of the epiphysis of the bones”


 “Premature wear”


“It is not a correct or natural way”


 “It will cause more pain in the future”


With these statements is that, at the age of five, I began to understand my body. Through that language I learned to look, to reject those tired images, which ashamed I did not want to belong to me, but that pain insisted on making them mine.


Through various surgeries, the doctors inserted artificial elements that have allowed me to live and move. I choose to restore the memory and look of my body, by creating and recreating myself: using clay, leaves that I have dried over the years, pigments made from ground quartz, and gold leaf. I look for materials that are related to nature and avoid manufactured ones. Today I am learning to develop a new look that links yesterday with the present from my autonomy.


I learned, like many women, to focus first on what is missing and what is left over from the body shape in which I live. In this exercise I want to transform that learned gaze, to re-signify concepts such as deformity, ruptures, pain and the structures of my being that I thought were immovable. I seek to take responsibility for how I decide to look at myself, it is part of healing. Intervene and appropriate my body and the shape of its bones in a metaphysical way.

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