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I propose you to be an island for a moment

a piece of stone that seems to float in the ocean

wanting to be part of the world

but without waiting to be found


The work shown in this exhibition proposes to the viewer to be part of the sensorial and aesthet- ic experience of what it means to be an island in itself, to experience the territorial limit and to inhabit a space surrounded by the sea where it seems that time is perceived differently as the physical boundaries that surround it become obvious.


It is an invitation to accept the premise of getting lost in this new space from this isolation, or perhaps, to find oneself. Despite this limit, water is not an isolating element, but a space that communicates, that extends the gaze and thought, raising infinite possibilities.

Through an installation where the paintings act as an endless horizon line that surrounds the room, we enter a central space that aims to be a place of contemplation where to be part of a personal cartography about the longings and desires of someone who was born and lives in a geographical point with very specific characteristics.

The incessant search for water’s own freedom as well as the claim of belonging and constant rootedness to the territory, are latent through the abstract language, the use of materials and the processual character of the creation of the works.

The stone, essential piece and link with the earthly, is present from the subtle acting as body and structure, giving ground and gravity to the fluidity of the pictorial work. The rhythm of the stones marks an exploration of insularity, showing an emotional landscape that invites us to return to earth and water, to be part of the elements and to rethink limits, borders and displace- ment as important and necessary aspects for the development of life.

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