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As an artist, avid traveler, educator and storyteller, I enjoy exploring the intersection between nature and mysticism; using many of my own photographs to tell a story through mixed media. In my work, I enjoy precision, seamless transitions and fine details. I also enjoy obstructing the face; inviting the body to perform in new ways. Yet in all the times I conceal the face, I find there is still a face.

I came to El Sur to push myself and explore new methods and artistic techniques. With the guidance of our mentors, I began to explore tessellation, or tiling, utilizing positive and negative spaces as well a particular style inspired from Jiří Kolář’s, “Chaotic Collage,” which is to cut out fine lines of one scene that reveals another.

I am drawn to portals, vortices and otherworldly spaces; acknowledging the thin veil between life and death, parallel dimensions and the interconnectedness of it all. I worked to incorporate these new approaches through a lot of play and attempts to move from more curated and planned compilations to pixelated, somewhat distorted and spontaneous pieces. I believe that a vortex can be as small as a flower, a doorway or a mirror; it can also be as complex as a black hole or the deep sea. The collection I’ve created is a work in progress with photographs that I have taken since 2020. It continues to tell the story of my awe and admiration for the divine and all things ethereal.

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