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I thrive in somatic experience and I want to address it. 


I want the tension of meeting points in the work to feel and be present in their representation and their coming together/smashing.

I want too for the objects to feel broken and fixed, secure in their physical undoing and putting back together.

They are coated in layers and layers and layers of paint and glue, laid on with brushes and rollers and fingers and hands. 

They embody and share traces of touch.


Physical comfort. 

I alter my needs. 

I pretend that I don’t want the things that I ache for. 

Nothing has changed. 


Perform for potential. 


Make believe. 

I do it too. 


I’ll show you the sites.

They are light blue and dirty pink.

Spaces where we’ve never been.


And then… 

and then the words I write in texts become the starting point for the studio while I make sense of humanity through my art. 


Tell me something I don’t know about you


All of the above.

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