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With this exhibition, we are exploring themes of radical love. Influencing the process is our 8-month-old son, August, and the unconditional love we have found in welcoming him to the world. His presence is both inspiring and constraining to our creative process. Ordinarily, we work collaboratively on painted murals and community-based public art projects, in our partnership as Dream Scene Placemaking. Here we present work from our individual creative practices. Painted family portraits alongside an installation of kaleidoscopic photo collages represent an ideal of living as often as possible with an energy of love and interconnectedness in relation to other humans and our shared environment. 

Erik’s oil paintings on wood panels reflect familial love through a series of nostalgic portraits. Expressive brushwork seeks to find both a likeness to the subject as well as things intangible in his relationships.  Featured in this body of work are his father and mother as young people, himself as a toddler, his wife with her mother, and a photo-booth portrait of his present-day family.

Anna has created an installation with photographs she took throughout Mexico City at the end of 2020. These consist of digital photo collages as well as multiple exposure images shot with a Holga camera on 120 film. They were printed on perforated adhesive vinyl window cling material and then mounted onto custom-made acrylic box frames.

Art-making is an avenue for connecting with infinite beauty through the process of creation, and we hope to draw people into this mindset when viewing this work. 

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