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With this body of work I am returning to different ideas from early and recent works, bringing closure to a period or style that as an artist had developed during the last 10 years of my career as a professional painter. It is a series of paintings that represent the journey or the process and feelings that can be generated to achieve inner peace and self-knowledge. Using different colors and symbolism throughout these paintings, I seek to name and hide new ideas for the different approaches that love as an emotion can generate and that I have not yet explored in my previous projects, for example how separate and contrasting the feelings of love are. Anxiety and confidence come from the same emotion, Love.

Using the color black as a representation of attachment as I have done before in my paintings is a reason that I am finally looking for to expand, start working and explore new ideas, the mixture of oil and acrylic paint is also characteristic of my work, animale; as well as the colorful backgrounds are part of the atmosphere that my paintings have.

Like any other artist, personal experiences have shaped my work in a very refined way, relationships, grieving processes, the search for self-knowledge and defining myself as an artist have led me to this aesthetic, where objects come to life and reality becomes reality. fold. With this I intend to show a soft but hard narrative about human emotions, from one's own thinking skills to the influence of other artists such as Damien Hirst and Ray Smith, I always see myself as a part of the world we live in now and it is my duty preserving these ideas, so, as the world continually changes, so does my work.

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