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The title of this show INSPIRIT implies instilling life, energy, courage, or vigor into something. I chose to use this word as my title to reflect a sincere and contemplative response to place and experimentation. Celebrating the spiritual vitality inherent in all things, I have built these forms in a manner that is colorful, imperfect and reflects transitory moments mixed with Pre-Columbian motifs. Being near the ocean, seeing a butterfly, or looking up close at a flower, all reflect images I wish to preserve and remind me of the idea that I am not separate from nature but of it. Animating these moments on a tablet of clay or attaching them to a vessel, I shift between 2D and 3D elements to transcend the boundaries of space and to contemplate the different uses of a vessel as a cultural artifact. With all of their imagined environments and idiosyncrasies, I invite the viewer to peer into a realm of anthropomorphized plant life made of clay and watercolor.

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