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Melting is a practice that conceives love as a state, as a way of being, existing, and relat- ing to otherness and to others. Taking Vipassana meditation as a starting point, it seeks to reach the Bhanga-ñāṇa state: total dissolution. Appropriating the materials of El Sur, and using the archetype of The Tree of Life, two moments of the process are shown: the body being the tree and the tree being the body, with two pieces of different natures, the experi- ence of integrating the individual-plant and making the plant an individual. Am I being the tree or is the tree being me? Is the question that has guided this project.


To fade - Desvanecerse.

To melt - Derretirse/fundirse.

To fall - Caer.

To dilute - Diluirse.

To merge/to join together - Mezclarse. 

Bhanga-ñāṇa: Conocimiento de la disolución total

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