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Visual artist that represents social dynamics such as love, fantasy, power and spirituality. In his work, the possibilities of art as an expression and evocation tool are explored. He establishes self-referential relationships that carry an investigation through existential and dystopian subjects.

Primarily, through painting and drawing, he creates art related to contemporary, day to day subjects, that occur during his creative process while seeking to produce art that connects both emotionally and individually to its viewer; through psychology and pop culture narratives.

His artistic practice is a continuous creative process that unites ideas to those that might have never been connected before. He creates metaphors from current times, relating some of the symbols, concepts and images floating around in the zeitgeist nowadays, making way to a contemporary mythological life.

With its contagious figure, Corona Cartel travels through time waiting to smell the scent of the flowers that grow in a future where only memories sprout. There, reflection seems like a question filled transmission, a mystery in love with the symbol and its colors. When the ultimate allegory takes its last breath, and it’s never more in the garden of our minds, reality can finally rest. And so, stop existing in this imaginative final night called universe.

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