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In my artwork I wanted to explore the spontaneous act and thought to get in a form. revealing what there is without any ego. I wanted to convey that when you experience something positive or negative that incident changes form in the consciousness and these codes lead us where the known is; we either use to reflect or forget it.

The exploration of Spanish language brought more meaning to my life, because the language after all is made-up symbols for us to communicate and to signify an entity, thought is the first product of it.

The second exploration for me was the geographical setting of Mexico. The word “Ring of Fire” inspired me a lot. I was lucky enough to see the eruption of smoke from Popocatepétl while traveling around. For me; the active force of the ground and the subtle energy of air, how they collided and hung there, as if time stopped. the same in my body; I couldn’t think nor could I move. This pristine awareness and direct vision of the reality made me relate to Spontaneous Presence.

My ideas build up on the ground as a circular form. The shape of the circle is an active form where it is hard to settle with it. For example; houses are 90% square. That is a stable form to settle, to be more constant.

In my hometown, the first ancestors living as nomads had to travel a lot and at the end of the day it was a circular shaped tent where they returned to. Maybe that active energy kept them moving around Turkey and finally decided to settle, because mother nature's form is round, indicating feminine energy.

So, the human child who fits into his mother’s womb, constantly evolving and progressing trying to control and conquer is at the verge. However, nature and everything around it is begging to be discovered, not accidentally but intuitively.

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