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The fear of silence and the collapse of systems that we hold so dear. 




What if I let myself collapse, what can I build from the fall, the failure. Is there anything valuable in the error, even if it is a fulminant outcome? Uncertainty means looking into the abyss, with the possibility of losing  everything, or on the contrary, building from the remaining elements.  


In the emptiness, I create something different, or I don’t create at all. A blank  page besides being liberating demands to be filled or so says the trend, fill,  fill, fill in the abyss. But I see my abyss and I like what it reflects, what I see is  just for me. 


I give others the opportunity to imagine what may be, and to me too, I give  myself the freedom to change my mind, to leave some mystery, not fall into  the trap of the blank space and try to fill it.

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