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Born 1949 in Dallas, Texas Lives in Oakland, California, USA. She was raised in and around Los Angeles and Orange County. She attended UC Berkeley, studying History and a masters at San Francisco State university.

Stein spent several months in India as a student and has made multiple trips. She studied photography at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. In the 1980’s she began to paint, and is currently living and working in Oakland. Stein is formerly a Professor of Art at Dominican University, San Rafael, California. She has one son, Theo Vincent Fram, whose love of toys, animals and machines, has greatly enriched and influenced her art over the years.

In Can’t Verify, I paint using a myriad of sources including films, literature, and something felt. Painting is a way I discover who I am and what I believe in. It is a way of extracting my truth of how I see the world. I paint in oil on panel or canvas. I let the work lead me and I am willing to follow it along.

I am very interested in masking and masks; people are innate “maskers”. These are used for different reasons, some secular, like old age masks, some fun masks for festivals, and some for death. There exists an inner self and an outer self, the self that thinks one thing expressed to others, and the self that perhaps thinks something entirely. There is also the inner self that is out of control. Masks also speak to the idea of monsters, monstrosity and hiding. We are all monsters, good and bad.

I love color, having visited India several times as well as Mexico. The bright colors create a certain mood and communicate, sometimes subconsciously. Working with colors is like working with a puzzle that ultimately one can’t control. Process is intuitive; I create an alternate world and hope people will be challenged and join me.

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