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Drawing is a way for me to create bridges between worlds. Growing up and constantly moving between an Eastern and a Western culture and therefore two separate languages, I’ve always felt I was in a limbo where words limited my ability to fully express myself in a single mode.

With time, I discovered that drawing is a form of language too, one that sits separate from my conundrum of translation between cultures and concepts. Drawing, rendering my outer and inner world in images, gave me a tool to begin to understand and ground myself.

With my drawing practice I'm trying to capture the intangible, to untangle what's in my head into a visual language, one that can be viewed and related to, cross-culturally and non-exclusively. I put myself into the work as a character, one constantly moving and discovering. Through various approaches, I observe by rendering the moving world and myself in it. This exhibition is the result of a month-long practice of observing curiously and physically as both a drawer and dancer.

I’ve used this time to explore different materials and techniques that are becoming additional building blocks for the grammar of my personal visual language. Techniques included crayon, soft pastels, water-colour, mono-type and etching. For the printmaking parts, I was incredibly lucky to get to spend time at the wonderful TACO printstudio in Tlalpan, where Rodrigo and Manuel were invaluable help in teaching me new and exciting approaches to image making.

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