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Landscapes made out of skin and lace, milky clouds above green valleys and hot pink dreams become present in the work of Tiphaine Bonnaud, Cleo Camp and Laila Pathan. For La Oficina, we have created an assemblage of tenderness, a place where their inner topographies related to the time and space of this house are made visible.


In Cleo Camp’s work there is a skin-like canvas that holds her imaginative plasma; bunnies that maybe live under your bed, a soft whale carefully woven with blue and silver beads. Her illustrations portray an observant eye regarding the childhood universe. Tiphaine Bonnaud creates landscapes on miniature dresses, superimposing textures of lace and paint that create contemplative scenes; a seam becomes a sunset, a tiny handmade rose blooms over and over again. Laila Pathan’s paintings have deep brush strokes of violets, yellows and greens, that open up to us. A newfound softness has been found, and we see Laila seeing herself through these self-portraits, filled with intimate revelations. 


In the center of the room you will find an open oracle: W.H. Auden’s poem 'In Praise of Limestone'.


[...] The blessed will not care what angle they are regarded from,

    Having nothing to hide. Dear, I know nothing of

Either, but when I try to imagine a faultless love

    Or the life to come, what I hear is the murmur

Of underground streams, what I see is a limestone landscape.


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