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The word emotion comes from the Latin ‘emotio’, which derives from the word ‘to move’. Home of emotions is the process of personal exploration that the artist has worked on during her residency at EL SUR. Emotions are the reason that runs through this exhibition. The use and choice of materials reflect the ideas and approaches to them. The artist proposes a series of installations in which he explores two fundamental concepts: An emotion moves and drives us, in the same way as being a nomad, her notion of home constantly moves like a ship setting sail in the sea of life.

Home of emotions is the display of a range of emotional processes such as excitement, anxiety, attachment, or detachment, which attempts to show the complexity of emotions, their contradictions, and, above all, that they contain each other like two sides of the same coin. Anxiety and opportunity will be two recurring motives throughout the exhibition. Both appear in the face of the uncertainty of something new and lead us to diverse life experiences.

The exhibition presents a series of installations made of different materials, such as fabrics, linens, and cotton in various colors, and canvases painted on both sides with colored dots that represent serendipitous events and relationships in life. Volcanic rocks catalyze anxiety, frames open the perspective of the gaze, and a series of objects enter into a relationship with one another to represent various facets of emotions. Color will be a fundamental element to enter the universe of the pieces. The artist proposes a series of codes:

White opportunity
Gray: anxiety
Blue: confidence
Red: energy, motivation, and passion
Brown: the sense of belonging, roots, and home
Other colors are serendipitous events and encounters in life.

Each emotion produces a type of movement, a color, a rhythm, a density, and a way of moving. These singularities manifest themselves in spontaneous forms and interactions between the exhibition elements. A play with stains, marks, and colorful installations evokes the feeling of a playground or neverland, connecting childhood (root, original home) and adulthood (changing and moving).

This installation proposes an experience to raise awareness about the movement and perspectives of emotions. It invites us to construct our own emotion map and draw our keys to approach them.

-Jimena Cervantes-

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