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For me, illustration is a way to capture and make sense of the multiple layers of experience that come with being human. I often draw myself into my illustrations, creating a series of self portraits through which I am able to explore, observe and better understand the world. I find layers incredibly interesting, both in life and in drawing, and I love finding ways to capture these constant contrasts and contradictions.

Since arriving in Mexico City I’ve been really excited by the world of shadows that I’ve discovered here: shadows of nature projected onto buildings, my own shadow walking alongside me through the city, telephone wires and flowers sitting together on the pavement. Shadows can be a source of fear or a place of refuge, and throughout the month I’ve spent here I’ve been constantly passing in and out of shadow, and considering the layers that they create in the world. To me, these layers mirror the multiple layers that make up the human experience.

Through my drawings, I’ve also been exploring the concept of a shadow version of ourselves who walks alongside us
through life, and the ways in which I imagine this shadow would interact with us. This exhibition is the result of a month spent observing, recording and imagining these shadows.

During the weeks I’ve spent here, I’ve used various materials and processes including gouache, watercolor, acrylic, coloured pencil, graphite, ink and 3D collage. These methods have helped me to create a visual diary that captures a journey in and out of shadow.

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