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The current evolution of my work explores the connections between ancient philosophy, indigenous symbolism, and human identity in conjunction with modern quantum theories and natural laws.

In the last hundred years, physicists have discovered paradoxical concepts that reveal deeper realities about the physical world. Through my research of these theories, my work investigates transcending versions of the Self, the power of emotion, intention, and perceptual influence over our experiences.

I use abstraction as a language to bridge the subjective and objective experience; extending space for the audience to translate familiar; yet mysterious opposites such as pattern and chaos, and the internal and external worlds. I also use reflection and spiraling vortex structures in my process through materials and imagery to allude to Hermetic Principles such as the principle of vibration, the principle of correspondence, and the principle of polarity.

My process is bold, impulsive, and playful. I work on raw unstretched canvas in order to have the freedom to fold, heavily saturate, and use movement with the materials so the images are not bound by structure. I also work with a combination of mixed media such as acrylic paint, salt, ink, glitter, paper, mirrors, and natural found objects. Each layer of my paintings has a significant amount of water incorporated to encourage natural patterns to emerge, and to connect with time or the fossilization of my pieces. For me, these materials and intuitive spontaneity bring a nostalgic, childlike element to my work.

After 5 weeks of immersing myself, getting lost, and creating work in Mexico City; I find my perspective has shifted from a space of intellectual observance into a more compassionate and human presence. The concepts I am fascinated by in a mental sphere have evolved; initiating a vulnerable experience and self transcendence. Speaking very little Spanish, I find that I have connected with people here deeper and more intimately than if I were to share a native tongue. Different forms of exchange such as a joyful Buenos Dias, or a gentle touch of hands from a stranger validates the inherent connectivity I know exists beyond the physical experience.

Using found natural objects paralleled with inspired images of the natural world, folklore and symbolism; I hope the work creates a juxtaposition of familiarity and a fresh perspective. Ultimately, digesting life’s rhythms such as life and death, joy and grief from a perspective transcending limits such as time, space and the small Self.

My work here has inspired me to create an environment encapsulating the abundance I feel in this city on every level; and that is what I would like the work to embody. A space of copiousness.

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