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Douglas Degges (1986, United States)

This is a series of paintings that reflects on models of creative practice and conceptions of style in the visual arts. Across this series of paintings, a single image is explored over and over again. However, with each additional work added to the series, a new visual lan- guage emerges through the intentionally varied and distinctive use of tools, materials, and processes.

In an attempt to engage style as a conceptual space, this project considers the pursuit of singular style as a questionable and unnecessary pursuit of visual consistency and, ulti- mately, effective branding. In the end, this work is about resisting the pressure to cultivate one voice or vision while also engaging with complexity and multiplicity within a studio practice.

Across this series of paintings, I have explored new materials and processes, frequently bumping into the edges of my own facility or proficiency with a particular material or pro- cess. More often than not, this imbues the paintings with a notable degree of awkwardness and points to my interest in skilled labor and hard work.

The image seen in all of the works is a cell phone photograph documenting the capture and release of a small sparkle of fireflies. Since 2019 I have been working primarily from cell phone photos supplied to me by my immediate family in an ongoing group text. My mom, dad, and brother, in keeping me up to date on what is going on in their lives, share the things they do and see near my childhood home in the Southeastern United States.

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