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I am an artist who seeks out references, icons, and motifs in order to find the essence of what makes a particular place, through exploration of a locale, themes and underlying mythologies. My practice is based in painting and multi-media allowing adaptation and interpretation of knowledge of art and life experience, both of joy and loss.

Motion is reflected through this residency at El Sur, inspired by change, through space, age, time, and transportation, legs, cars, bikes, buses and planes.

Our Eyes Adjust to the Dark- We like to think of it as parallel to what we know. Only bigger.

-Tracey K Smith, “Life on Mars”

When looking out of a moving car window, why do close objects appear to move backwards and distant objects forwards? Objects that are closer to us appear to move more quickly than objects far away, such as clouds, giving the illusion that they are moving in the opposite direction, because our eyes perceive the relative motion of objects in our field of vision rather than their absolute motion.

Motion parallax is the way our eyes and brain process visual information. My work looks from the perspective of the inside of a car window to the outside where everything appears to look transparent. Windows also help reduce glare and heat, and therefore make it more comfortable and private inside.

The windscreen can also be a metaphor for life both personal and professional. It is important to know what is behind, to learn from where we have been. The windscreen is much larger than the rearview mirror because we need to keep looking ahead and have the clearest view possible of where we are going and where we want to go in life; connected to the past while looking to the future. I am transitioning through time and landscape, dark matter, and with this spatial distance comes connection; the scale of transformation is massive.

Parallax is also the observed displacement of an object caused by the change of the observer's point of view — every split second, is causing a split of the now.

MEXICAN MOTION IN PARALLAX MULTIVERSES parallels our world through a mobile. I am transported through streets, skies, freeways, navigating translation, maps, culture, conversions, and adjusting to scale, sounds, smells, air quality, textures, tastes and newer technologies. - a planetary phenomenon - its cost, its risks, its safety.

As I traverse this new world of change, this land, its people, life continues to exist, but differently from before. People are displaced but move forward regardless, and while the structure is the same, everything is different from the inside and outside. Our connection to soil, its value and its wealth. I now see through popular culture and communicate through an app. Real value of the world is where everything interacts. The planet is becoming conscious, when everything is bouncing off everything else. The transformation of human consciousness is a self regulatory complex system in which organic and inorganic matter interact with one another to coproduce the conditions for life on earth.

James Joyce claimed that humans often fail to make use of their two eyes, and therefore lack depth in perception. However, when two eyes work in conjunction, when two points of view are superimposed, we experience a fuller or more truthful vision of life. In deep Mexico, all the dark matter we have constructed is going to be reimagined. Life wants to live.

This project was made possible by the Australian Government's Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia.

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