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Predictions of the Sun / Reflections of the Moon aims to create a reciprocal relationship with the: work - environment - viewer. A relationship in which all parties are engaging in an exchange and dialogue. Through this process the viewer gains the opportunity to assess to what degree of an active participant/creator they are of their own surroundings.

The use of organic materials such as silk, cotton, leather, etc. creates a link to the ephemerality of our natural world. Engaging entropy and chaos through the unexpected elements of nature and processes, like the shibori stitch resist techniques used to create patterns in silk, in which the end result is always unknown. In these forms of process, there is a letting go, an allowing, an acceptance of what it is, as it is.

Relying on the direct environment as a factor in creation encourages us to extend our lens of composition to include and connect with the totality of our direct perspective of our surroundings.

Engaging with natural phenomena such as light, wind, etc in order to affect a change in the experience of a work brings attention to a fleeting moment of specificity that can only be experienced “now.” The inclusion of these environmental impulses as factors in the experience of the work is a hope to re-engage our direct contact with nature.

This exhibition explores the ever changing relationship of the illumination/totality of light and the depth/infinite void of dark. Honoring and bringing attention to subtle effects of light and shadow through motion and pause creates a pulsating dualism fostering vibration as active experience. The change and gradient of light creates a subtle crescendo, allowing for a rhythmic sense of movement through moments of visual noise and silence in the space. As movement and light are altered over time, so are our perceptions of the work and its context.

Predictions of the Sun / Reflections of the Moon encourages a departure from time. Simultaneously investigating apparent dualities, fusing opposites to create the present experience: an exploration through space and time.

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