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Children of the desert

We know that we step because gravity performs its function and keeps us upright, but we cannot figure out what that soil holds that sustains our life and walking. Time moved the sand and the desert was in charge of keeping a story latent that few know.

A thousand-year-old culture hides under layers of history and development, its dead maintain their physical presence thanks to a laborious funeral act that tries to preserve the essence of each of its participants without any distinction.

We don't know what death is nor what the soul is, those terms originated after our existence, what we did know was to take care of the integrity of our people.

We replace the visceral with the vegetal, the internal with the external, the fluids with the sand and the blood with ashes. We do not want those who once observed to leave, we do not want to forget those who once expressed themselves... We want to keep you present and that the desert and time avoid your death.

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