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My exhibition “Todo es Místico” displays the work I have done at El Sur: a ceramic sculpture on a shipping crate, and a print. The title of the show is a quote from a tweet made by the Mexican President, Andrés Man- uel. It supposedly shows an image of an Aluxe, a spirit from the forest.

The wooden crate is both a container for the work and a the plinth for the sculpture, so it has a practical purpose and connotes the situation of making sculptures on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The sculpture is also in a space of limbo as it is a two-headed figure, one head looking into the deep of an oily substance and the other gazing towards the sky. The different clay, climate and kiln gave my work and process an element of uncertainty, while still maintaining my interest in museum collections, fantasy pop culture and hierarchies of representation.

The third element in the installation is a print and is a collage of pictures, the sculpture and asemic writing I have done. It is a graphic work that mimics the didactic texts so often shown at museums next to exhibited objects, but instead of a didactic explanation, you’re left with another form of explanation.

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