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We all, at some point, have looked up at the night sky.

We all, at some point, wondered : “Are we really alone?”, against this immensity.

What if there were a simple method to meet visitors from outer space without leaving earth?

What if there were a simple way to see a flying saucer?

Let the magic happen, to infinity and beyond.



My work is built around the practice of photography, publishing and sculpture, using an ironical lexical field.

By dint of exploring strange landscapes and looking for the mysteries that hide there, I was more particularly interested in the question of beliefs, and specifically how beliefs affected the landscape and our relation with the world?

One of the main topics I’m working on is the modern myth of flying saucers. At the crossroads of science, fiction and popular culture, it turns out to be a powerful subject about the truth and the false:

Something which is here and not here at the same time.

Something which can be represented, but never materially present.

Something which can affect the way we look at the things around us. 

My work focused on the observation of their absence and on the plastic and narrative forms that this idea can take.

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