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I am an interdisciplinary artist who makes drawings, sculptures, and assemblages of found objects based on my exploration of spaces in constant flux. I am attracted to locations where elements collide, break down, remix and transform over time – shorelines, riverbeds, forest floors and alleyways mostly. I work primarily in ceramics to create objects that appear as unearthed remnants of some distant past.

In 2007, I received a BFA in sculpture from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Since then I have exhibited work internationally and co-founded Peerless Gallery, an artist-led exhibition space in Omaha, Nebraska.

My intention for this time at El Sur was to explore how my drawings and sculptures could inform each other and grow into more complex expressions. I also was looking forward to exploring the city by walking. My work is increasingly reaching toward the psychedelic to explore the array of connections between our minds and the natural world around us. In the mundane moments growth, entropy and transformation occur at a high velocity. We are not outside these moments, they are tiny infinite reverberations of how we grow, think, and change. I'm attempting to foster awe and connection in the wake of grand narratives.

The artifacts you’ll see in this exhibition are a collection of clay forms, drawings, found objects, and abstract paintings:

In clay, I’ve made interlocking forms from the dialogue between positive and negative spaces; standing globular forms resembling stalactites and bodies which I call “The Siblings”; and a series of hybrid forms that are a combination of pinched clay and slip-covered organic material collected from the El Sur property.

Through graphite drawings, rubbings and abstract inkscapes, I’ve created a series of works on paper resembling fossils, plants, tools, and mechanical parts settled within a haze. In addition, I’ve responded to ceramic shards, plastic bits and seeds found on my walks around the city. In an attempt to re-activate these objects I’ve organized and used presentation methods to give them enough room to breathe.

It’s my hope that this collection of works reflect back to us hints of what was, is and the possibilities ahead.

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